DENIS ( a.k.a. Denis Héraud ) is born in Provence 49 years ago.
Lives in New York.

A true Original,he has always been related to art, creating a sophisticated form of art and intrication of extreme cinema experience with computer paintings.

At first, in his teens, a songwriter, he has lived in New York where he began exercising his skills. At times involved in management and inspiration of movie cult Director Abel Ferrara, for some years (he collaborated to Ferrara's THE BLACKOUT and NEW ROSE HOTEL as his personal representative and wrote songs for THE BLACKOUT). He is the coproducer of his film (2001 Cannes Film Festival entry R'XMAS)

After a certain number of film experiences, he spent more than 10 years in the creation of his most important project.

On a trip to Bali in August 1998, he experiences Magic Mushrooms and decides to make a short film to the subject . This brings him to relate this experience with technomusic. He signed an extraordinary experimental feature: a dramatic fiction which relates the story of an artist under Magic Mushroom influence in the world of Techno music. His filming takes him from Bali to Miami, Melbourne , le Muy , New York, Manilla... He covered and used ambiance of the most extraordinary rave parties including the Universe 2000 event organized by Japan in Bali .

The movie, "THE RED MONKEYS" is due for a international release in 2004, but Denis do not take the time to finish his film.
He wrote, photographed and directed it. His role in the film included a personal editing and scoring. Most of his post production was made in his friendís house, Enrico Navarra in Le Muy (south of France}.

An admiror of horses and the world of horses, he had finished to film a feature based on a story that takes place in the Horse Racing World.

He signed an amazing Jockey Club Calendar composed of 32 original paintings of Horse Racing, (the profits go to the Association Generale des Jockeys de Galop, which helps jockeys hurt in race accidents, You know how dangerous is that Sport of elite).

Created in Chantilly, during the Prix de Diane, it inclued portraits of famous jockeys: Olivier Peslier, Olivier Doleuze, Dany Bonilla, and during le Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, Lanfranco Detori, Yutaka Take and Alec Wildenstein, the paintings were exhibited in Japan for the Japan Cup, a special numbered edition of his signed calendars were commercialized at the end of 2002 in France and in Japan .